About Us


We are a boutique swimwear label that's all about keeping things fresh. We keep our releases limited so that you'll never have to worry about seeing the same piece on every other woman. We keep things exclusive by nature, not by price.

The Anna Studio is our playground to channel our creativity and passion. We love all things fresh and unique. Fresh finds, minds, faces, spaces and places. We are all about embracing your unique beauty and celebrating women from all different cultures. We love real women who feel confident and sexy in expressing their own individual style. These values are at the heart of our creative process and we hope you feel it every time you put on your Anna Swimwear.


Although we are based in Melbourne, Australia, our tiny squad comes from many beautiful parts of the world and we are very proud of our diversity. We appreciate the beauty in all cultures and we hope that you see that through our work.

Brittany Lu / Co-Creator + Lead Designer

Gerard Sison / Co-Creator

Renee Le Hunt / Designer


In picture: Anna Swimwear co-creators Brittany Lu & Gerard Sison